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There are three different ways that you can access the information in eGold, an electronic encyclopedia of gold in Australia. These are:

You'll see these three tabs at the top left hand side of each page, above the theme navigation.


From the home page, the 15 key themes (Commerce & Industry, Cultural Institutions, and so on) appear in a menu down the left hand side of the page.

When you're navigating eGold by theme, clicking on the link in this list of the 15 themes will take you first to an Overview page, which has a mauve background.

The Overview puts each theme into its historical context, and introduces some of the concepts, places, people and things which you will find in the Entries for each theme.

You'll see icons on the right hand side of the Overview page, which will take you to multimedia content, such as movies, audio narrations, interactive maps and images that you can navigate using Zoomify. Note that you will need Javascript and Flash enabled to access some of the multimedia content.

From the Overview page, you can access the Entries by clicking on links in the See Also box. The See Also links allow you to explore all the entries relating to each Theme.

Entry pages have a yellowy-cream background. As you're exploring the site, the menu of the 15 themes will always be visible on the left of the page, and the Theme that you are navigating within will be highlighted in mauve.

You will see towards the top right hand side of each page two tabs: Entry (which is the default) and Sources. When you click on the Sources tab, you'll be taken to thumbnail links to various digital resources relevant to the information in each Entry, as well as lists of bibliographical and archival citations.

Sources are an important part of the eGold site, and we encourage you to explore them. The types of digitised resources you'll find in this area include: artworks, photographs, material culture objects, archival records and transcripts from primary sources.

In the Sources tab, click on a thumbnail to open an image in a separate image viewer. Click on Details to get more information about a source.

A-Z (Browse Lists)

You may want to explore the content of eGold by browsing our A-Z lists. This is done by clicking on the A-Z tab, which is the second of the three tabs on the top left hand side of the page.

You'll see that you can use the A-Z tab to browse eGold content in four ways:

  1. By subject (this is an alphabetical list of all the Entries on eGold, including the Overview pages for each theme)
  2. By theme (this is an alphabetical list of the 15 themes - the links will take you to the Overview page for each theme)
  3. By digital resources (this is an alphabetical list of the titles of all of the digitised Sources on eGold - click on the thumbnail image or on Details to access more information about each resource)
  4. By bibliography (this is an alphabetical list, by author, of all the published resources used as references by the authors of the content on eGold).

The third way to explore the content on eGold is by clicking on the Search tab, which is the third of the three tabs on the top left hand side of the page. You can perform controlled searches of the entries, digitised sources or bibliography from this page.

Other Features

The Quick Search function at the top right hand corner of every page allows you to easily and immediately perform a search of the eGold website. Use the Search tab described above to perform more targeted or complex searches.