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    Inquest - name 'unknown' (unknown Chinese man), 1854, courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre.


Inquest - name 'unknown' (unknown Chinese man)

On Saturday 16 September 1854 Forest Creek resident James McDonald witnessed the deceased walking to the Chinese Camp just before sunset. The Chinese man appeared to be in a very weak state, suffering from great pain. His legs were greatly swollen, making it difficult for him to walk. After reaching his tent, he sat down outside it. According to McDonald, his Chinese mates took little notice of him and allowed him to remain where he was. The following evening McDonald’s mate, John Roberts, informed him that a Chinaman had been found dead. Neighbours went to fetch the police and McDonald identified the body as that of the man he had seen the previous day. By this time the deceased Chinese’s mates, some 20 or 30 men, had left, leaving the unknown man covered in a piece of tarpaulin. To the best of McDonald’s knowledge there was no quarrel and the body showed no signs of violence. A verdict of death by natural causes was accordingly returned.

VPRS 24/P0, Unit 21, Item 527
Archival Source
VPRS 24 Inquest Deposition Files; Public Record Office Victoria, Victorian Archives Centre. Details

VPRS 24 Inquest Deposition Files

Courtesy Public Record Office Victoria


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