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    Henry Gyles Turner, by T. Humphrey & Co. photographer., courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

Commercial Bank of Australia (333 Collins Street)

From 1893 to 1987, this octagonal, arched and decorated dome enclosed chamber was headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Australia. The dome was thought to be one of the largest in the world constructed solely from plaster – with no timber, masonry, brick, wood or iron in the dome apart from its cap, which was made of iron and glass. Henry Gyles Turner, the former Bank of Australasia clerk, who became general manager of the CBA in 1870 was also an historian, writer and treasurer of the Yorick Club. The Collins Street facade, which was demolished in 1939, made room for a front section incorporating seven new upper floors. The original entrance foyer and dome was retained when major redevelopment of the site was conducted in 1988-90 and a modern office tower was built above the former banking chamber.

Sally Ruljancich