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McIntyre, Sir John (1832 - 1904)

Brighton, Victoria, Australia
Businessman and politician

John McIntyre’s medical studies at the University of Glasgow were cut short by the gold rushes in Victoria. McIntyre arrived at Portland on the Runnymede in 1852 and worked various mining claims with success. He settled at Bendigo where, in 1855, he set up business as an apothecary and gold-buyer while continuing his mining pursuits -especially quartz-crushing.

In the early 1850s McIntyre supported the Red Ribbon Movement against conditions on the goldfields. He was prominent in the agitation for unlocking the land and treasurer of the local land league.

Chairman of the mining board at Sandhurst in the late 1850s, McIntyre had many profitable mining investments. He joined Sandhurst Municipal Council in 1859 and, as Mayor in 1867, hosted the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to Bendigo.

McIntyre entered parliament in 1877, representing the electorate of Sandhurst, but lost his seat in 1880 over the issue of protection. He then held the seat of Maldon from 1881 until 1902. McIntyre's health broke down after his exhausting but vain campaign, in December 1903, for election to the Senate. He died at his home in Brighton on 18 January 1904 and was buried at the Back Creek cemetery, Bendigo.

Cate Elkner

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