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    Where is Walhalla located?

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    Township of Walhalla, Stringer’s Creek, 20 May 1871, by Thomas S. Cousins (artist), courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

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    Gold Sluicing, near Stringer's Creek, c. 1886, by Nicholas John Caire (photographer), 1837-1918, courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

Walhalla, VIC

Alternative Names
  • Stringer’s Creek

Reefs containing gold were discovered at Stringer’s Creek, in Gippsland, in 1863. The Walhalla Company, working on Cohen’s Reef, was initially the most successful operation and gave the goldfield its name; the Long Tunnel Company subsequently worked the richest mines in the area. By 1887 the Walhalla field had become the second highest producer of gold in Victoria. Its prosperity was in decline by the turn of the century.

Jessica Redmond

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