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    Where is Heathcote located?

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    Powder magazine, Heathcote, by John T. Collins, 1907-2001 (photographer), courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

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    McIvor Diggings, 26 July 1853, courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

Heathcote, VIC

Alternative Names
  • McIvor Diggings

The McIvor-Heathcote goldfield opened in November 1852 after a discovery by William John Bulling and two mates. A rush started early the next year, and contemporary estimates of the digger population at that time ranged from sixteen thousand to forty thousand, working the numerous gullies running into the western side of McIvor Creek. The first Commissioner of the McIvor goldfield commenced duty in Easter week, 1853. A decade later the field was basically deserted.

On 20 July 1853 the gold escort from the field to Kyneton was held up by six men, who escaped with two thousand ounces of gold and £700 cash. Five of the men were caught and most of the gold was recovered.

Jessica Redmond

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