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Nicholls, Henry Richard (1830 - 1912)

London, England
Newspaper editor

Henry Richard Nicholls, a Chartist, is best known as a newspaper editor and author. He migrated to Melbourne in 1853, and soon afterwards joined George Black, another Chartist, in editing the anti-government Diggers' Advocate. During the licence troubles, Nicholls and Black sent to Castlemaine a cart, draped with the tricolour and with the driver dressed in red, to indicate their republican and libertarian sympathies. Their doctrinaire internationalism was, however, out of touch with the inchoate local protest and the paper failed in August 1854. After the events of the Eureka stockade, Nicholls and Black joined J. B. Humffray in petitioning the governor for an amnesty for the rebels and fair dealing for the Ballarat population.

Keir Reeves

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