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The Chinese 'problem'

Xenophobic arguments calling to restrict Chinese immigration to the colony are evident in the Report of the 1854-5 Gold Field’s Enquiry. These were only to gather strength.

This extract is from the Report of the Commission Appointed to Enquire Into the Condition of the Gold Fields, 29 March 1855, (Votes and Proceedings, Legislative Council of Victoria 1854-5).

Published Source
Quaife, G.R. (ed.), Gold and colonial society, 1851-1870, Cassell Australia, 1975. Details


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The question of the influx of such large numbers of a pagan and inferior race is a very serious one … [T]he absolute exclusion from this Colony of this or any other branch of the great human family is one that the Commission have no desire to entertain, nor do they think it can even be necessary to adopt such extreme proceedings. But that some step here is necessary, if not to prohibit, at least to check and diminish this influx, seems quite evident.