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Bloodshed and robberies at Forest Creek

The Argus reported that some nights ago a Police Sergeant was violently beaten in the line of duty.

7 February 1853
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Australian National Dictionary Centre, The Gold Rushes and Australian English: a resource for researchers, teachers and students, Australian National University, 2005, http://www.anu.edu.au/andc/res/aus_words/gold/index.php. Details
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MOUNT ALEXANDER. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) Forest Creek, 3rd Feb. 1853. The principle items of news this week consist of bloodshed and robberies. On Sunday night last, Sergeant Whiteley, of the Sawpit Gully police, proceeded to Kyneton to apprehend a man named James Stewart, late clerk to Mr. Walter Smith, auctioneer, on a charge of embezzlement; and on his return, when near the Back Creek, he was pounced upon by two armed men from behind two trees, who, after using him very violently, robbed him of a few pounds in money, a revolver, a Government pistol, and his horse, leaving him on the road nearly dead. On the intelligence reaching the Sawpit Gully police-station, a party set out to bring him home; and he now lies in a deplorable situation. This case is the more provoking, from the fact of Sergeant Whiteley having received some rough handling some weeks ago. The horse has since been recovered. The robbers are known to the police, and will doubtless ere long be in custody. Argus, 7 February 1853