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Reminiscences of the Beechworth Escort


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    'Fifty Years’ Banking Reminiscences', The Australasian Insurance and Banking Record, 17 August 1893, p. 190. Details



Another prominent episode in those pre-railway days was the escorting of gold. To be fortunate enough to be selected for the Beechworth escort was to be granted a week’s picnic with all expenses paid. The Beechworth coach in those days left the Melbourne post-office at noon, and, travelling all night, reached Beechworth about ten o’clock next morning. For the escort we had a special coach, guarded by two mounted troopers and a sergeant in charge on the box. Each bank sent two officers, and we took four days for the return journey. Needless to say that six or eight young fellows, full of rollicking spirits, made things very lively with song and story and practical jokes”.