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Digging for gold

Sarah Davenport went digging for gold in the earliest days of the Victorian rushes. Gold was plentiful and close to the surface and she managed to secure some of it with ease.

This is an extract from Sarah Davenport's diary, which was reproduced in the book, Nothing but gold.

Published Source
Annear, Robyn, Nothing but gold: the diggers of 1852, The Text Publishing Company, Melbourne, 1999. Details


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… we had not been thair maney days when me and another wife whent a looking round the hills we had each a knife and a tin plate to get goold if we shold find anny … we got a tub and pick and spade and washed one tub full we carried down to the creek to wash in a buket and washed it and finished in a tin dish first tubful yealded about 3 ounces the next 4 ounces we was in high glee when both her husbands party and my husband and sons came…