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Gold Commissioners

Digger James Arnot describes the Commissioner’s camp at Castlemaine. This is an extract from his journal from 1852.

Archival Source
Robyn Annear's research Notes prepared in the course of writing the book, Nothing But Gold; Private (Robyn Annear). Details

These notes from a variety of primary sources were kindly donated to the eGold project by Robyn Annear.


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Found the ‘Camp’ [at Castlemaine] to be a splendid place, quite a little town. the force consists of a Commissioner, Captain of Horse and foot police, Doctor, Clergymen, 100 Pensioners, Mounted and foot police, lots of Clerks and officers, that always hang on Government situations … they all live in little tents shaped like a house, and formed in rows like a street, the great folks have each a tent to himself, the subordinates 4 to 6 in a tent, saw some of our fellow passengers that have turned police. Easy time they have of it.