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Outrage at the new licensing system

The Argus’s Buninyong correspondent expressed outrage at the new license system in a piece published on 27 August 1851.

Archival Source
Robyn Annear's research Notes prepared in the course of writing the book, Nothing But Gold; Private (Robyn Annear). Details

These notes from a variety of primary sources were kindly donated to the eGold project by Robyn Annear.


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Thirty shillings a month, for twenty-six days work, payable in advance, is the impost demanded by our Victorian Czar … It is a Juggernaut tax to crush the poor … there has not been a more gross attempt at injustice since the days of Wat Tyler … it will be an indelible stain upon [the annals of Port Phillip] … the indomitable perseverance of these toiling men, who are to be cursed with a heavy tax, in return for the blessings they have proffered - a tax not levied for the exigencies of the commonwealth, but founded … on a mildewed and spotted remnant of the feudal period. … the mere act of a Czar of Russia.