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Collecting licence fees

William Howitt comments on collecting licence fees in his publication, Land, labour and gold (1855).

Archival Source
Robyn Annear's research Notes prepared in the course of writing the book, Nothing But Gold; Private (Robyn Annear). Details

These notes from a variety of primary sources were kindly donated to the eGold project by Robyn Annear.


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The mode of collecting this tax, however, has done more to make it unpopular than the amount of the tax itself. In levying it, the tax-gatherer and the tax-payer are brought too violently, and nakedly, as it were, face to face. In England, twice a year suffices for seeing the face of the tax gatherer … You are not liable, any day and any hour, and for any number of times on any one day, to be called on by this not very fascinating character, and compelled again and again, and as often as he pleases to demand it, to show your last receipt.