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A Marvellous Remedy for a Marvellous Age

The Ballarat Times of 9 July 1857 carried an advertisement for Holloway’s Ointment: ‘A Marvellous Remedy for a Marvellous Age’. This amazing remedy was said to cure just about any complaint suffered by people on the diggings.

9 July 1857
Published Source
Ballarat Times, 9 July 1857. Details


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THE GRAND EXTERNAL REMEDY By the aid of a microscope we see millions of little openings on the surface of our bodies. Through these this ointment when rubbed on the skin is carried to any organ or inward part. Diseases of the kidneys, disorder of the liver, affections of the heart, inflammations of the lungs, asthmas, coughs and colds, are by its means effectually cured. Every housewife knows that salt passes freely through bone or meat of any thickness. This healing ointment far more readily penetrates through any bone or fleshy part of the living body, curing the most dangerous inward complaints, that cannot be reached by other means. ERSIPELAS, RHEUMATISM and SCORBUTIC HUMOURS. No remedy has ever done so much for the cure of diseases of the skin, whatever form they may assume, as this ointment. Scurvy, sore heads, scrofula, or erysipelas, cannot long withstand its influence. The inventor has travelled over many parts of the globe, visiting the principal hospitals, dispensing this ointment, giving advice as to its application, and has thus been the means of restoring countless numbers to health. SORE LEGS, SORE BREASTS, WOUNDS and ULCERS. Some of the most scientific surgeons now rely solely on the use of this wonderful ointment, when having to cope with the worst cases of sores, wounds, ulcers, glandular swellings, and tumours. Professor Holloway despatched to the East large shipments of this ointment, to be used in the worst cases of wounds. It will cure any ulcer, glandular swelling, stiffness or contraction of the joints, even of 20 years’ standing. PILES and FISTULAS These and similar distressing complaints, can be effectually cured if the ointment be well rubbed over the parts affected, and by otherwise following the printed directions around each pot. Both the ointment and pills should be used in the following cases: -
Bad legs, Bad breasts, Burns, Bunions, Bite of mosquitoes and sand flies, Coco bay, Chiego-foot, Chilblains, Chapped hands, Corns (soft), Cancers, Contracted and stiff joints, Elephantiasis, Fistulas, Gout, Glandular swellings, Lumbago, Piles, Rheumatism, Scalds, Sore nipples, Sore throats, Skin diseases, Scurvy, Sore hands, Tumours, Ulcers, Wounds, Yaws.
Sold at the Establishment of Professor Holloway, 244, Strand, near Temple-bar, London, and 80, Maiden-lane, New York, also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicine throughout the civilised world at the following prices:- 1s. 3d., 3s., 3d.; and 5s each box. N.B. – There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box.