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Tribute of Science to Woman

On 11 September 1856, the Ballarat Star reported on an innovation by an ‘inventive genius’ in America who had contrived a ‘rigging’ for ladies that allowed them to pull up their dresses. The pulley system reportedly made going up and down stairs or ‘muddy crossings’ much easier.

11 September 1856
Published Source
Ballarat Star, 11 September 1856. Details


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TRIBUTE OF SCIENCE TO WOMAN – Some inventive genius has contrived a handy ‘rigging’ for ladies, whereby, as they go up or down stairs, enter or quit a carriage, or step across a gutter or a puddle, they can pull up their dresses in front or in rear, on this side or that, or all round at once. There are four small pulleys attached to the waist, underneath the dress, over which are four small cords, one of which is attached by diaper pins, severally to front, rear and sides of the skirt, at about the height of the knee. The other ends terminate in loops, which are let into the pockets on either side. If a lady wishes to go up stairs, she pulls loop No. 1, in the right-hand pocket, and instantly the dress rises in front, so that an ascent is made with perfect grace. No. 2, in the left-hand pocket, elevates the rear in the same manner, and all pulled at once elevate the skirt knee high! This manoeuvre is intended for very muddy crossings. Who will say the Americans are not a great people? – American Paper.