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Lack of police at Happy Valley

On 23 September 1859, the Ballarat Star reported on the lack of police at the Happy Valley diggings, where there were 600 to 700 people and ‘not one trooper within 10 miles’.

23 September 1859
Published Source
Ballarat Star, 23 September 1859. Details


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HAPPY VALLEY – This place is still the great attraction of the district; in three separate places has new paying ground been opened at various depths. I have one great oversight on the part of the Government authorities to mention, and would like to call to the attention of the members now entering parliament to the great inattention shown to the safety of both the lives and property of the large body of our mining population at the out rushes in the district. On these diggings alone there are 600 to 700 persons congregated, and not one trooper within 10 miles. It is true that once or twice during the week one rides through the diggings, but I doubt much if his rare presence will scare any of the gentry who have a liking for what is not their own. I have noticed that now things are in a quiet state on these (Brown’s) diggings, that greatly above the usual number of police requisite to maintain order are stationed, but little employment afforded them. I believe we could now dispense with a portion, and it would be easy to transplant a few to the Happy Valley diggings, which is but 11 miles distant.