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Cases from the Circuit Court at Fryers Creek, 1854

The Acting Chief Justice Barry took his seat on the bench, in the Court House at Castlemaine. One of the stranger offences before him was the forgery of the name of the district’s Roman Catholic priest.

9 August 1854
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Australian National Dictionary Centre, The Gold Rushes and Australian English: a resource for researchers, teachers and students, Australian National University, 2005, http://www.anu.edu.au/andc/res/aus_words/gold/index.php. Details
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MOUNT ALEXANDER. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) Forest Creek, 14th August, 1854. CIRCUIT COURT.—His Honor the Acting Chief Justice Barry took his seat on the bench, in the Court House at Castlemaine, at ten o’clock, a.m., on the 9th inst., and a jury having been sworn, the business of the court was immediately commenced. The Attorney-General prosecuted on behalf of the Crown. WM. COOMBES, charged with shooting at James Anderson, at Bendigo, on the 4th of July last, was sentenced to fourteen days’ imprisonment, and ordered to find bail to keep the peace in the sum of one hundred pounds, there being no evidence of the pistol being loaded with any deadly missile.—HENRY BROWN , indicted for stealing a watch from William Gibney, on the 17th ultimo, at the Durham Ox, near Sutton Grange, where they had been drinking together, was sentenced to four years’ hard labor on the roads.—WILLIAM HOUGH , charged with stealing a carpet bag and tomahawk, the property of Christopher Mackay at the Avoca [diggings] on the 14th ultimo was sentenced to two years’ hard labor on the roads. JAMES AKINSON , indicted for shooting at Charles Hunter, at Fryer’s Creek [diggings], on the 20th of June last, with intent to do him some grievous bodily harm, was in the first instance found guilty of a misdemeanor, which not being in accordance with the statute, was refused by the Court, and the jury then returned a verdict of not guilty. This verdict either [as well] did not seem satisfactory, and the Court ordered the prisoner to find bail, himself in £100, and two sureties in £50 each, for his future good conduct.—HENRY WILLIAMS , charged with stealing on the 5th of April last, a horse, the property of Edward Kimpton, of Tarrengower, was sentenced to nine years on the roads.—JOHN CARMAN , charged with stealing a £10 note from Mrs. Caulfield, at Adelaide Flat [diggings], Forest Creek, on the 8th ultimo,, was found guilty: sentence, five years’ hard labor on the roads.—R D. WILSON , BEN J. WILBY , and GEORGE PARMINGTON , charged with robbery in company of one Wm. R. Litson, on the 12th June last, were sentenced each to eight years’ hard labor on the roads.—EDWARD THOMAS , indicted for stealing a pistol and other articles, the property of E. Mack, at Daisy Hill, and from his tent, was found guilty, and sentenced to six years on the roads.—JERRY MURRAY was sentenced to twenty months’ hard labor on the roads, for stealing some wearing apparel from the Clarenden Hotel, Barker’s Creek, Castlemaine.—DAVID WILLIAMS , being found guilty of stealing some firearms and other property from Robert Goodwin’s tent, at the Avoca, on the 16th June last, was ordered to be sent to Melbourne Gaol for medical treatment, being considered of weak intellect.—PATRICK DOHERTY and JOHN LOYD , charged with bribing a witness to prevent his giving evidence, were found guilty, and sentenced,—Doherty to two years on the roads, and Loyd to eighteen months.—G. MORETON , a cadet in the Mounted Police Force, charged with obstructing some of his men in the execution of their duty at Burnbank, was fined in the mitigated penalty of 40s., and ordered to find security for his good behaviour for twelve months.—THOMAS CONNELL, charged with cutting and wounding Aaron England, on the 15th of June last at Amphitheatre Station, was sentenced to eighteen months’ imprisonment.—JOHN CLARK, for a grievous assault on Mrs. Kenworthy, a storekeeper at Tarrengower, on the 22nd June last, got two years on the roads.—PERCY WILLIAMS , charged with forgery of the Roman Catholic priest’s name of this district, was sentenced to eighteen months in the hulks—and MICHAEL DUFFY got five years for robbery at the Avoca in June last.—RYAN out on bail, and the co-partner of Connell, who bolted about a fortnight since, being charged with horse-stealing, did not think it advisable to appear before His Honor, and followed the example set by his companion in making himself scarce to defeat the ends of justice. Argus, 18 August 1854