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An attempted robbery

Another in a long line of robbery attempts at the diggings was perpetrated. Four men robbed a man’s claim at gunpoint, stealing what they could from the hole before absconding with what gold they could carry.

3 September 1852
Published Source
Australian National Dictionary Centre, The Gold Rushes and Australian English: a resource for researchers, teachers and students, Australian National University, 2005, http://www.anu.edu.au/andc/res/aus_words/gold/index.php. Details
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THIS IS TO CERTIFY , that I P.S., on Friday evening, September 3, 1852, whilst working at my hole, four men came up to me at the hole, and went into the next hole to me, when I informed my mate that there were men going into the next hole, and I told him that I would go and inform the party that belonged to the hole. When I attempted to go I was stopped by a man with a gun, and was told that if I moved, or stepped one foot he would blow my brains out; and forced me back to the hole, and pulled up the rope so that I could not get up until they had removed the stuff that they had stolen out of the hole. (Signed) P.S Geelong Advertiser, 14 September 1852