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Escaped convicts

With the discovery of gold, escaping the convict colony became even more desirable for Vandemonians. The Victorian Police Gazette listed the names of four convicts who had absconded from Van Diemen’s Land and made their way to the goldfields.

10 November 1854
Published Source
Australian National Dictionary Centre, The Gold Rushes and Australian English: a resource for researchers, teachers and students, Australian National University, 2005, http://www.anu.edu.au/andc/res/aus_words/gold/index.php. Details
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ESCAPED CONVICTS (from Hobart Town Gazette, 24th October, 1854) From the service of J. Barnard, Esq., Macquarie-street, on the 16th instant. 868. Dorothy Wake, per Baretto Junior, tried at Durham Q.S., 15th October, 1849, 10 years, house servant, 5 feet 4½, age 32, complexion fresh, hair brown, eyes hazel, native place Sunderland, large scar on forehead. From her authorised place of residence, Huon River, on the 10th instant, wife of Caleb Evans, Huon River. 337. Elizabeth Thompson, per Lord Auckland, Tried at Dublin City, 5th September, 1848, 7 years, house servant, 4 feet 11½, age 30, complexion fresh, hair dark brown, eyes blue, native place Dublin, scar under chin. From the service of J. C. Walker, Esq., Derwent Park, on the 14th instant. 24,987. Alfred Eagle, per Rodney, 2, Tried at Gloucester Q.S., 29th June 1847, 10 years, groom and servant, 5 feet 5½, age 26, complexion fresh, hair light brown, eyes light brown, native place Dublin, scar back of right hand, scar centre of forehead. Reward 2l., or such lesser sum as may be determined upon by the convicting Magistrate. From his authorised place of residence at Deloraine, since the 17th instant. 23,972. John Murphy, T.L., per London 2, Tried at Cork, 9th December, 1848, 7 years, laborer, 5 feet 7½, age 24, complexion fresh, hair brown, eyes grey, native place county Cork, speaks through his nose. Reward 2l., or such lesser sum as may be determined upon by the convicting Magistrate. Victoria Police Gazette, November 10th 1854.