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A most shameful case of being worried by dogs

The Argus noted that two dogs viciously attacked a digger some nights ago, leaving the man without the use of his hand.

15 December 1852
Published Source
Australian National Dictionary Centre, The Gold Rushes and Australian English: a resource for researchers, teachers and students, Australian National University, 2005, http://www.anu.edu.au/andc/res/aus_words/gold/index.php. Details
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MOUNT ALEXANDER. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) Forest Creek, 13th December, 1852. A most shameful case of being worried by dogs occurred here on Saturday night. A digger was going to a store on that night, with the intention of buying some potatoes, when he was attacked by two dogs (mastiffs) and literally torn to pieces, being bitten in a most shameful manner. The dogs got the poor fellow on the ground, and in a helpless state to defend the attacks of both of them. He succeeded in cramming one fist down the throat of one of the dogs, which partially defeated his attacks, but at the sacrifice of his hand. When assistance arrived, he was found in a pitiable condition, and perfectly helpless. He is now lying in a precarious state. Several of the stores and tents on these diggings have dogs which are very dangerous to be allowed at large. Not many days ago, I apprehended serious consequences from the attacks of a dog, not a hundred miles from this office. Argus, 15 December 1852